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We want to provide the IT services that will allow a small to medium size business or home office function successfully and efficiently.  

Our desire is to use proficient professional IT tools that are used by fortune 500 companies to get you where you want to be.

Many are unable to afford a dedicated IT employee but need full time support and maintenance. 
Products like Online Backup, Networking and Cloud services has proven to be effective methods to provide the necessary technical resource.  Still these products must be administered and maintained. 

C-STORE-IT will not only provide the products, but also maintain the technical level of service required my the business in need.

Why should I get a 'Private Cloud' solution? Having a Private Cloud solution in place gives you the full control of your digital information. 

Most larger corporations don't use outside third party cloud solutions, so why should you? 
Allow C-STORE-IT to put together a strategy that works for you and provides the security and peace of mind you desire

Online Backup- This single, simple, routine task could be the difference between having your
business back up and running within hours instead of days or week if disaster strikes. 
It's especially important if you have a private cloud solution in place.

Don't allow your business to go out of business because your unable to retain your data quickly. 
C-STORE-IT will build a 'set it and forget' online backup solution for your organization.

Virtual Networking - In today's business, geographical limitations are none existent as a result of technology. 

C-STORE-IT can make sure no matter which location you operate out of, your information and technology solutions are available and ready.

This includes creating a virtual network to keep you and your colleagues connected.  File transfer and private instant messaging are just a few of the features this type of product could include.

Maintenance | Optimization | Monitoring -If your existing IT infrastructure works for you,
do everything possible to maintain your level of performance.  There's always room for improvement,
so why not optimize your performance so you'll have a better working experience. 

Let us maintain your environment with patch management so all of your machines are running
the latest OS and software updates. 

C-STORE-IT will also monitor your environments hardware for rogue software installs and hardware updates, allowing you to focus on business and growth.  You and those designated will be empowered to keep an eye on these notifications and updates also.

C-STORE-ITwill work with you to implement a full solution that either enhances or creates new opportunities for your businesses IT productivity.

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